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Sandpoint Idaho (December 2012)  Beginning with a March 2013 First Edition, a new monthly newspaper will offer in-depth issue analyses and broader advertising opportunities to Bonner County readers and businesses.

Unlike a standard newspaper, the Bonner County Banner will not be limited or rushed by trying to cover daily happenings. Instead, each issue will provide a deeper analysis of from two to four major issues of broad public interest. The purpose is to ensure that important issues are understood in full perspective and without bias.

The philosophy is simple: well-informed people are capable of thinking complex issues and ideas through for themselves, and therefore of making constructive decisions on their own.

The political position is equally simple: in the United States, officials are elected to be legislators, judges, executives and administrators, but were never intended to exercise control over individuals. Given adequate understanding and an ethical free market, responsible free people are quite capable of planning their own futures.

Style  The print version is full newspaper size (12.5 inches wide by 22.75 inches tall) and formatted in four columns. It is black ink only and designed to resemble classic newspapers with ads cast primarily in text and optionally featuring black-and-white product or logo renderings. (Samples may be seen on the "Advertise" page.)

The online version is a combination of two parts. The first is adminstrative pages such as this home page and the Subscription and Advertising info and rates pages, etc., which will be formatted much as you see here. Second is the actual print editions reproduced as Adobe PDF files which may be downloaded or read online. These PDF files are printable and can easily be read as hard copy when printed on 8.5x14 (legal size) paper.

Business Model  The Bonner County Banner is advertiser- and patron-supported. Ad rates are published on the Advertise page. Patrons are readers who appreciate the paper enough to make an effort to ensure that it continue by supplementing ad revenue with monthly online subscriptions and contributions, despite the fact that the paper is delivered via the US Post Office free to every houselhold in the county by residential Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

Because the print edition will be reproduced online as PDF files, ads in the print version will remain intact and be seen in the online (PDF) version. Additional ads may be purchased for display on the administrative pages of the website.

The January 2013 issue will be printed and delivered once its expenses have been covered by advertising sales and patronage support. Beginning with the March issue, ad and article submissions will have a deadline of the fifteenth of the previous month and delivery targetted for the first of the month.

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